Construction Project Manager- Jackson, MS

A Construction Project Manager is responsible for understanding the project deliverables and creating timelines for different individuals and groups involved in the project to make sure the project remains on track. They must be familiar with the goals of the project and the responsibilities of all involved parties.
Duties and responsibilities include:

Duties and Responsibilities

• Planning the work to be done, getting the necessary personnel, and assigning the right duties to the right people
• Hiring the right people and putting them on the right sites, as well as reprimanding and firing workers when needed
• Coordinating tasks by different people on different sites to ensure uniformity upon project completion
• Ensuring timely completion of the project to build client trust while avoiding unnecessary penalties
• Working within the budget by adequately estimating the costs and cutting unnecessary expenses
• Procuring and allocating resources to ensure there is no shortage while avoiding any unnecessary delays caused by management decisions
• Managing both internal and external risks within the project’s lifetime, such as poor planning designs, and government policies, which directly or indirectly affect the project

Required Skills and Qualifications

• Ability to lead a team by being a good and effective communicator
• Excellence in building rapport and creating a team environment where all those with project responsibilities work well together
• Ability to maintain a high level of organization by ensuring daily job allocation
• Excellence in planning how each process should be done, how resources are to be acquired, and when the project should be completed
• Ability to determine potential risks while devising proactive ways to solve them
• Excellence in the budgeting of financial resources
• Ability to welcome feedback and use it to improve the quality of production
• Excellence in verbal and oral communication skills

Required Experience

A Construction Project Manager requires some years of experience in construction sites or project management, although the amount can vary. Moreover, it can be an added advantage if they have experience in computer software packages, such as Microsoft Office, and are familiar with contract and subcontract terms.

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